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After a tree falls or is removed from your property, the stump remains. Today, it is possible to remove the stump using a stump grinding machine.

Our team offers professional stump grinding services that can ensure the complete and safe removal of any stump on your property. Once our team is done, you can feel confident there will be no trace of the tree left behind.

Essential Considerations for Stump Grinding Services
One of the most important details when having a tree stump removed is how accessible it is. If the stump is on a hill, we may not be able to reach it with our stump grinding machine. Also, landscape elements may make stump grinding impossible, such as slopes, structures, stairs, patios, fences, and more. Our team will access your property and the stump in question to let you know if stump grinding is possible.

Red flags when hiring a Stump Grinding company.

Watch for red flags when hiring a Stump Grinding company. If a company is not licensed or does not have good reviews, the people who hire them often end up having a bad experience and less-than-ideal results.

Options for the Stump Shavings and Grindings

Hiring the wrong tree service company can cause damage, stress and frustration.
Once a tree stump is ground away, the stump shavings or grindings can remain in a pile in the area, or we can haul them away. We can discuss the cost of removing the stump grindings, so be sure to ask about this if you want this done. It is important to note that if you have a larger stump, it can create a large pile of shavings. Make sure you discuss this and the added cost of removing the shavings with our team during the consultation.
Dealing with Surface Roots

If there are surface roots, we can grind these with our equipment, too. One tree that is well known for having an extensive network of surface roots is the maple. This is especially true if there are water or erosion issues in your yard. Unfortunately, if this is not the tree being removed, and these roots are damaged during the grinding process, issues may arise. Once the roots are cut, it may cause the tree to go into a rapid decline.

Be sure to let us know about nearby trees that you want to keep in place. In some situations, if roots need to be pruned or cut for some reason, the only option will be to remove the entire tree.

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Regardless of how big or small the stump you need to be removed is, our team can handle the job. We are dedicated to ensuring complete removal of the stump to ensure that your yard is restored to a beautiful, safe condition.

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5 reviews

6 months ago

I had a very pleasant experience with Omar Tree Service and I don’t mind sharing a great experience. Everything was done just as promised. Speedy, very well priced, and most of all they had the equipment necessary to get the job done right! I had 2 huge trees in my front yard which were very close to my house. I had to be sure that the company I used had the right equipment so that I did not have to worry about damaging my home. Omar’ had the right equipment and the workers were all very skilled at their job. This crew knows what they are doing. I would used them again and I would not hesitate to good them a good recommendation. If you are looking for a good crew to do a good job Omar Tree Service is it. I’m sold!!

8 months ago

I had a tremendous [no pun intended] scare when, over the passage of a few days, I had a couple of tree limbs fall as a result of rain and strong winds. My tree was 60+ years old and huge. It was time for it to be removed before a big storm hit or, worse yet, we experienced an ice storm. I contacted Omar Tree Service and Omar himself came by within 90 minutes to take a look and give me a free estimate of the cost and time it would take for the tree removal. The timely appointment was very acceptable as was the price. Omar was very polite, extremely knowledgeable and frankly just a good guy not out to gouge the customer. He and his crew did an outstanding job – they worked tirelessly like a team of dedicated surgeons. I cannot say enough good things about Omar and his business. I could not be more satisfied! Omar, you have my heartfelt thanks for a job done with such excellence!
2 reviews

8 months ago

Omar and his crew are incredible. They are very efficient and did a wonderful job removing several trees and stumps. I highly recommend Omar and his company.
1 review
3 days ago
Truck was damaged from tree falling from storm and couldn’t remove truck without further damage. They surgically removed tree without any further damage to vehicle recommended 💯