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Our team offers comprehensive tree services. One service that is provided by our experienced and professional team is tree topping.

Tree topping is a custom service that shorten the branches at the top of the tree to just a stub. This practice may also be referred to as stubbing, hat-racking, tipping, or heading. The purpose of tree topping is to help minimize the tree’s size, which helps make it safer.

It is important to note that tree topping is a service provided only if tree trimming or pruning cannot achieve the desired results. However, it can hurt and damage trees, so it is essential to know what the alternatives are, which are services we can provide to our clients. We only provide tree topping services as a last resort.

Red flags when hiring a Tree Topping
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Watch for red flags when hiring a Tree Topping company. If a company is not licensed or does not have good reviews, the people who hire them often end up having a bad experience and less-than-ideal results.

Tree Topping Services

Professional tree topping offer several services for your trees.

Canopy Reduction
With this practice, small links are removed from the point of origin. With this service, no more than 25% of the foliage on the tree is removed, based on the tree’s health and species.
Thinning or Interlimbing
This method is ideal if you want to be able to see through the greenery on the tree. When you remove selected branches further up the trunk, you get a partial view through the tree. This will also allow more sunlight into your backyard if the trees were blocking it out before. Thinning a tree will also create a path for stronger winds to move through the tree, rather than pushing against it. This allows the tree to withstand the winds better.
Canopy Raising

When we raise the canopy, the view is opened through the tree by removing all the lower limbs. All the branches are cut from the ground up to the level desired. The lower limbs give much less energy for the tree’s growth, which means that the tree can survive them being removed. To achieve a more pleasing shape, it is essential that this process is not over half of your tree’s total visual height. If the tree seems top-heavy, it is possible to thin out some of the branches higher on the tree.

While these techniques are easy to understand, tree topping and the alternatives to topping are often complicated and dangerous processes. That’s why it is best to leave it to the professionals.

Our team can evaluate your trees’ needs and determine the proper steps to ensure aesthetic appeal and the health and safety of your trees. While we offer tree topping services, our team will discuss the alternatives with you, which are typically better for your tree and entire landscape.

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If you are considering having your tree reduced or “topped,” contact our team. We can provide a free consultation and discuss your needs. We will help you find a suitable alternative during this consultation and ensure you get the desired results. Our team is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation for your trees.

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January 21, 2021

They arrived on time and they do not waste time! They work hard until job is complete. They respect your property and they are license and very efficient.
My tree was huge and they work hard all day ! I plan to use them again for two more trees. Their price is way better than other companies period. Nice group of guys that get the job done with no drama !

Kevin B.
January 21, 2021

Omar and his team did a great job removing 2 trees from our backyard – they were reasonably priced, arrived on time for the job, and we’re careful, fast, and cleaned up after themselves. We will definitely be recommending them to friends & family and will use them again if we have tree removal/ other needs in the future.

Geena B.
January 21, 2021

Omar and crew was extremely responsive and hauled away tree trunks left over by my previous contractor that did not complete the job as promised. They were huge trunks! They are extremely professional, timely, and offered competitive pricing. Wish I would have known about them sooner . I would have hired him from the get go. Will definitely use them again!

Linda L.