Who Is Responsible for Tree Removal & Tree Trimming: Landlord or Tenant?

In terms of tree removal and tree trimming for a rental property, the legal and financial responsibilities typically fall on the landlord. Landlords are generally responsible for maintaining the trees on the property to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the rental space. This includes regular inspections, pruning, and removal of any dead, diseased, or […]

The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming: How Often Should it be Done?

Step outside and take a moment to appreciate the majestic trees that surround us. They stand tall, providing shade on scorching summer days and painting landscapes with their vibrant hues in the fall. But have you ever stopped to think about how these marvelous giants stay healthy and beautiful year after year? The answer lies […]

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Trees This Summer

protect summer trees omar tree

Trees are a great addition to any landscape. They offer an eye-drawing element, a source of shade, and a noise barrier (to some extent). While this is true, trees can only provide these benefits if you are caring for summer trees properly. The summer can be rough on some trees. Now is the time to […]

Signs It is Time for Kansas City Tree Pruning Services

kansas city tree pruning service

When you invest in professional tree pruning services, your trees will be healthier and live longer. However, do you know the signs that it is time to call for tree prune solutions? Keep reading for some of the top signs it is time to call and schedule this service for the trees on your property. […]

The Top Low Pollen Trees to Plant in Your Kansas City Yard

low pollen trees in the yard

During the warmer months of the year, spending time outdoors is something most people love to do. However, when it comes to pollen, things can go downhill quickly. If you have a pollen allergy, you know how miserable it can be just to set food outdoors. Unfortunately, some of the trees in your own yard […]